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The Dream Center is a faith-based, free after school program offered for under resourced children in the Randleman and Asheboro area. The program offers enrichment to families with children in grades K-5. Our mission is to help students reach their potential and to infuse them with the ability to look beyond their current circumstances to have the courage to dream of a better life and successful future. We desire to inspire and influence the at-risk children in our area by fostering consistent mentor relationships and providing them with energized educated role models. We do this through mentoring, and supporting students while they take their next step to becoming responsible, respectful, and compassionate citizens. We want to engage our community in an educational movement to captivate the hearts and minds of our children now and for generations to come. This will enable students to become great leaders and equip them for the world!

F U N D E D  T H R O U G H :
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